Affiliate Getting Started Guide

Welcome to the Eleven2 affiliate program!

Getting started is easy.  To start make sure you're logged into your affiliate panel
Once logged in you will see your affiliate link.  For a sale to register on your account the visitor must click that link.

Great ways to generate sales are:

- Include your affiliate link in your newsletters to your visitor base.
- Write reviews of Eleven2 services on your website, blog, facebook, twitter, etc. We have hundreds of potential clients searching for reviews daily.
- Post our available coupons on your website and send them to your subscriber base.
- Refer your friends and family
- Many affiliates have a high conversion rate simply by placing a powered by banner on their website in a prominent location. This lets your website users know who you're using for web hosting and gives them a feeling of trust for Eleven2.

Once you generate a sale it will stay in the pending status for 60 days to clear our 60 day money back guarantee period.  When it is approved after the 60 day hold it will then be paid out on the first of the next month.  Payouts are currently only paid using Paypal.  You can get a free account at  

Our affiliate system is as easy as that!  If you want to read more please see  our affiliate most common questions

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