Resellers wanting e2Panel

If you are a reseller, you will see the default cPanel skin and not our famous e2Panel. This is simply because our reseller platform is 100% whitelabel, so your customers won't know you are "reselling" through eleven2.

Many resellers have got in contact with us, saying that they would like the e2Panel skin on their reseller account. At the moment this is something we cannot offer on reseller accounts, only shared hosting accounts. But what we can offer all reseller customers, is a fantastic recurring discount on an additional shared hosting account. This discount will keep on recurring as long as your reseller account remains active.

We don't want resellers to miss out on e2Panel, which has some fantastic features, including live real-time stats. So to get this offer, simple contact our sales team via ticket or livechat and we will let you know about this big recurring discount.
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